Buster attends almost all sporting events at Lone Oak. Follow the button above to view the latest games.  There will be a form to submit a photo order after viewing.

If you wish to have his lens capture your child at a game, feel free to email him: busterclem@gmail.com.

Buster and Candy are big fans of Lone Oak High School!  Buster attended school there from Kindergarten until he graduated high school in 1970.  Candy attended school there since she was in the tenth grade.  It's where they began their relationship and where two of their kids went to high school.   It holds a special place in their lives as do Lone Oak sports.  The combination of Lone Oak and Sports is what gets Buster excited about taking pictures.

Buster playing Lone Oak football in 1969

Why do you think I can sit back and

watch the game instead of having to

watch it through a camera lens?  Cause

I know Buster is going to catch that play; Capture that memory forever in

an awesome picture.

- Lone Oak Football

mom, Angel