View of our studio

It is best that all in the group come already dressed in the clothes they want to wear for the photo.  We try to do it in a timely manner, especially if there are young children in the group.  We are happy to take as many different groupings that you want. (i.e. grandkids, grand-parents, mom w/daughters, dad w/sons....etc)  Be sure to let us know when you call to schedule how many will be in the entire group as well as other groupings you will want so we will know how much time to allow for the photo shoot.

We look forward to meeting your wonderful family!  Please give us a call or email if you have any questions. 903-662-0050

When you come to Clem Photography for your family photo shoot here's what you can expect....

Large families are our specialty!   We have  over 6 acres with gazebos, old barn, gates, rocks, antique wagon, etc.... for many outdoor options.  We also have a faux log cabin studio, 2 changing rooms, a viewing room, a large open area with multiple backdrops for indoor photos. Depending on the size of your family, some of these locations might not work.  Outdoor photos are usually the preference.  Because of that  we will have to work around the sun and be flexible in case of rain.  Make sure we have a contact person if there's any need to reschedule.