Clem Photography

2484 FM 513 South,
Campbell, TX 75422


Phone: 903-662-0050


Buster has been taking photos since he was a student in the sixth grade.  He has gone from Polaroid, to black and white film, to color, to digital; learning how to read light and use a camera at a very young age.  He has loved taking photos of people his whole life and is rarely seen without a camera in his hand.  He has a love and passion that continues to grow for photographing high school seniors, families, and sporting events.  Together, he and his wife, Candy, make the perfect team.  While he is behind the camera, she is on the other side perfecting every shot and getting the lighting just right.  Above they are pictured with their grandkids.  They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren who are all very close and have been well documented through photos their whole life.  Come meet Buster and Candy and let them capture the real you.  You will leave saying "That was fun!"